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At Sweat22 Studio, we provide exclusive EMS workouts designed by a personal trainer just for you. Our micro studios accommodate a maximum of two individuals at a time, ensuring individualized support and a hygienic training environment.

combined EMS with Regular Training

One of the best ways to lose weight, get fit and get the best results with no side effects. Offering non-weight-bearing exercises safe for all ages, and fitness levels and even safe for those with injuries

Age-Related Muscle Loss & Sarcopenia

EMS has the power to counteract muscle loss in its early stages. For older individuals already experiencing muscle degradation, it can significantly slow the process. EMS is an excellent choice for individuals dealing with joint pain and those suffering from arthritis, offering a path to enhanced well-being

Diffrent Classes , Diffrent Goals

Tailored Classes for Unique Goals: Personalized 1-on-1 & Couple Sessions 

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Book a Quick weight Loss Session

Quick weight loss session

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Body Toning And Balance

Book an EMS Class for Body Toning and Balance

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Post injury Rehabilitation​

Book an EMS Class for Post Injury Rehabiliation

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Muscle Strength and conditioning​

Book an EMS Class for Muscle Strength and Conditioning

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