Experience a 22-minute full-body workout with cutting-edge FDA-Approved EMS technology in Sweat22 EMS training Studio


One session of an EMS workout at Sweat22 is equivalent to 90 minutes of traditional high-intensity exercise, giving you the desired results in less time.

In Sweat22 EMS training studio, Experience the Strong EPOC Effect, Burning Extra Calories for Up to 48 Hours Post-Training.


Good things come to those who sweat !

Body Shaping and Fat Reduction

Sweat22 EMS sessions, guided by a dedicated personal trainer help you achieve goals. Dynamic full-body EMS training has been proven to be highly effective in enhancing muscle toning and quick weight loss.

Time Efficient

Are you a first-time mother or just someone with a busy schedule? EMS training is the perfect solution. Unlike traditional gym workouts that can consume hours, EMS offers superior benefits in a fraction of the time.

Whole-body workout

EMS is a game-changer for maximizing your workouts, ensuring all muscle fiber types are effectively engaged. It activates the entire musculature, even those hard-to-reach muscle groups.

usain bolt wearing EMS

Pain Relief

ESM stimulate sensory nerves to relieve pain and increase circulation to reduce soreness, stiffness, and aches through varying pulses and promote endorphin production and release.

Muscle Strengthening

EMS helps to build muscles, improve muscle endurance, or rehabilitate weakened muscles. Sweat22 EMS training studio programs are your shortcuts to stronger muscles and optimized workouts.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

EMS helps to recover from injuries, surgeries, or conditions that affect muscle function. Regaining muscle strength and function by Improving blood flow, and facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

Sweat22 Studio Price Plans

Trial Sweat

59 CAD
  • 20 Minute EMS workout
  • Consultation
  • Inbody Test
  • Mandatory for new clients

1 month Sweat

per session
89 CAD
  • 8 Session Private
  • 22 Min EMS workout
  • 1 InBody assessment
  • Option to freeze for 1 week

3 month Sweat

per session
79 CAD
  • 24 Session Private
  • 22 Min EMS workout
  • Monthly InBody assessment
  • Option to freeze for 2 weeks

Sweat Pro

per session
85 CAD
  • 12 Session
  • 22 Min EMS workout
  • Monthly InBody Assessment
  • Option to freeze for 1 week

Sweat22 studio Specialities :

EMS training for weight loss

Quick weight Loss

EMS training stands out as a highly effective approach for Quick weight loss. Just in a 22-minute session, EMS has the potential to help individuals burn up to 600 calories

EMS training for Rehab

Body toning and balance

EMS is a useful method for body toning and balance. We plan it in conjunction with a fitness routine that includes cardiovascular exercise and flexibility training for optimal results.

EMS training for rehab

Post injury Rehabilitation

If you have back or knee pain and struggle with regular workouts, EMS training can alleviate discomfort, boost strength, accelerates muscle engagement and prevent future injuries

quick weight loss with EMS

Muscle Strength

EMS can play a significant role in pelvic floor rehabilitation after childbirth. It can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which often become weakened during pregnancy

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In just 22 minutes, Burn up to 600 calories

Happy Customers!

Based on 63 reviews
Brittany Crane
Brittany Crane
Had such a great experience! Highly recommend to anyone curious about EMS workouts. Staff is 10/10
Jany C
Jany C
A plus de 50 ans, mon mari et moi avons décidé de faire de l’EMS à Sweat 22. Nous sommes ravis de notre choix ! Sha, la coach est incroyable ! Elle est très sympathique et sait nous pousser juste ce qu’il faut pour obtenir des résultats efficaces, toujours avec le sourire et dans la bonne humeur. 20 minutes, une fois par semaine et les résultats sont plus que concluants. Nous sommes tous les deux beaucoup plus en forme, raffermis et toniques. Nous recommandons vivement Sweat 22 à tous ceux qui cherchent à améliorer leur condition physique et leur bien-être.
Kunal Bhat
Kunal Bhat
I’ve been a going to Sweat22 for a while now and it’s the first time in my life that I’ve been able to consistently work on my fitness, which speaks to how engaging the sessions with Sha are. Sha’s an excellent trainer and the expertise and overall support at Sweat22 has definitely helped me make significant progress in my overall health and well being!
Dann Ilicic
Dann Ilicic
Being hooked up to a bunch of cables and wearing special suit makes this workout quite the experience. I affectionately call my sessions Torture22 (instead of Sweat22) because the intensity is so high. I did my sessions with a friend side by side so having that friendly competition was a great motivator and made it more fun overall. And, having a trainer guide us through the motions was a huge plus. I initially chose Sweat22 to save time but in reality, it just a better overall workout than I would have on my own at a gym. The electrical stimulation works all the major muscles in a way I’ve never experienced before. It’s kind of addicting. Love it.
Yosr Guefrech
Yosr Guefrech
J’ai un mode de vie sédentaire et très stressant, et je souffre de douleurs dorsales atroces. J’ai découvert les avantages de Sweat22 fitness studio EMS gym et EMS training sur les douleurs lombaires, alors je voulais essayer. Après environ 4 mois d’entraînement de 20 minutes par semaine avec Shahrzad, mon mal de dos a officiellement disparu. Donc, oui, c’est vrai, la formation EMS pour les maux de dos a de grands résultats!
Elias Cherni
Elias Cherni
I was one of those people who never managed to stick to any exercise regime. So many excuses: I got bored, I didn’t have the time etc. But the Shahrzad from Sweat22 fitness studio have changed my view on exercising and in a matter of 4 months, my body has been transformed. The fact that every client gets a tailored made programme, that you can schedule sessions at times that fit into your schedule and the personal attention to detail by Sha and his amazing team, all contribute to a regime that is easy to follow and maintain. It’s unbelievable how 20 minutes, twice a week, can have such a positive impact on our body and mood. I will recommend Sweat22 fitness studio to ANYONE and EVERYONE. I am a changed man. Thank you.
shahin mahdieh
shahin mahdieh
Very professional and friendly, I highly recommend

Good things come to those who sweat

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