What is the Future of Women’s Bodybuilding?

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What is the Future of Women’s Bodybuilding?

Women’s bodybuilding has a very unique history. The division evolved over three decades, and some fans and promoters didn’t like the way it was going, which was one reason why the Ms. Olympia was discontinued in 2014. Thanks to the efforts of Jake Wood and Wings of Strength, the division stayed alive, and the Ms. Olympia was brought back in 2020. Now, the athletes and supporters are proud to be a part of the sport. But, what does the future hold for women’s bodybuilding? Isabelle Turell, MayLa Ash, and Gina Cavaliero discussed this on a recent episode of The Fit Rockstar Show.

Turell brought up how the sport is considered boring by some fans and people who are new to the sport. She asked the group, “how do we make bodybuilding entertaining? It’s not the most exciting sport.”

Ash chimed in that the lack of entertainment may go back to how contests were run for decades. “It’s the way the sport is designed,” she answered. Turell suggested a WWE-style press conference or videos as a way to create hype, which Ash agreed with to an extent.

“Our sport has more of an artistic aspect to it,” she said. She also suggested having some type of interaction at athlete check-ins or doing promotion of athletes together, and she used Olympia TV as an example.

“They’re doing things like ‘here is this matchup. Will this person keep their title?’ These are the top contenders.”

The discussion eventually shifted to the Ms. Olympia contest, and Turell asked how many athletes would make for the best competition possible.

“20, at least,” Cavaliero suggested. Ash thought 20 would be better as the high-end number.

“When I think of the Olympia, I think of the best of the best.”

The three athletes spoke more about the sport, switching from bodybuilding to physique, how the sport is accepted in different parts of the world, and much more. Subscribe to the Olympia TV YouTube channel to see this and all episodes of the show when they air every Saturday at 12 noon Eastern time. You can also follow @fitrockstarshow on Instagram.x

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