Nigeria is Sharing the Next Wave of Bodybuilding Stars

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Nigeria is Sharing the Next Wave of Bodybuilding Stars

Bodybuilding has been an international sport for many decades now, and many of the most popular champions today come from outside of the United States. 2022 Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan is from Iran, four-time Classic Physique Olympia winner Chris Bumstead used to call Canada home, and the hosts of Prime Time Muscle devoted an episode to give props to Nigeria. Three men’s open stars that came from that part of the world include 2023 Arnold Classic winner Samson Dauda, 2022 Arnold Classic UK champion Andrew Jacked, and 2022 New York Pro winner Blessing Awodibu. Co-host Terrick El Guindy offered a fourth name.

“One guy that is young and possibly has the most upside is Quinton “Beastwood” (Eriya), said the pro judge. “Some guys think that this guy is going to be Mr. Olympia.”

Cormier agreed with El Guindy, but he wanted to show recognition for Jacked, who may be a little older, but was still a rookie in 2022.

“That’s a grown man,” said the Real Deal when talking about how Jacked stood alongside some of the other 2022 Olympia competitors at the press conference before the contest. Even with four men such as Eriya, Jacked, Awodibu, and Dauda having spotlights on them, the opportunity for more athletes to climb the ranks is there. As of 2022, the population of Nigeria is 216 million people, and the sport is gaining popularity by the day.

“We could see even more coming potentially,” El Guindy stated. Could we see a Mr. Olympia from Nigeria? Someday, possibly, and Dauda may be the man to make it happen. The guys broke down his physique to see what it would take for him to hold the Sandow Trophy. Cormier noted that Dauda is working with coach Milos Sarcev, and they are planning on taking the fast track to Olympia glory.

“Knowing Milos, they’re trying to do it all at once. He’s trying to get him as lean as possible but try to develop him as fast as possible.”

El Guindy, Cormier, and Tim Wilkins also discuss the Fitness division and butt implants (yes, you read that correctly). Subscribe to Olympia TV to see this and all episodes of PTM every Friday. You can also follow @primetimemuscle on Instagram.

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