Which Strength Athlete Will Come Out on Top of the ‘Buttery Games’ Final?

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Which Strength Athlete Will Come Out on Top of the ‘Buttery Games’ Final?

Popular content creators Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers, collectively known as the “Buttery Bros,” are best known for traveling around the world shooting engaging videos with their favorite athletes for their popular YouTube channel. Now they have taken things to the extreme with the first-ever Buttery Games.

In this three part-series, the fittest and strongest athletes on earth go head-to-head for their respective teams. The goal: Each team was pushing, pulling, and sweating in hopes of earning the delicious title of “Most Buttery.”

Seven teams of two (one male, one female) will take on insane challenges such as deadlifts, obstacle courses, even off-road racing. So, with the final round now completed and due to land on YouTube on Jan. 19, M&F was able to provide a no-spoiler rundown of who, and what is involved, and glean some thoughts from the stars themselves.

Who participated in the Buttery Games?

The official roster of teams is below. (The Buttery Bros needed to make certain substitutions during the making of the games, which led to great cameos from CrossFit’s Alison Scudds and former MMA star Brendan Schaub.)

  • Justin Medeiros (two-time Fittest Man on Earth) with Sophia Rose (trainer, ballerina)
  • Martins Licis (World’s Strongest Man) with Brooke Wells (CrossFit)
  • Kai Greene (Three-time Mr. Olympia runner-up) with Kari Pearce (CrossFit)
  • Hafthor Björnsson (World’s Strongest Man) with Kelsey Henson (fitness trainer)
  • Jonathan Coyle (fitness trainer) with Natalie Eva Marie (WWE, trainer, and movie star)
  • Rob Kearney (strongman) with Alex Gazan (CrossFit)
  • Jon “Jujimufu” Call (powerlifter and bodybuilder) with Ellie Turner (CrossFit)

In Part 1 of the series, the theme was “Speed.” The events included a 400-meter relay race and a bleep test, capped off with a trophy truck race in which each athlete was required to complete five laps driving the trophy truck. Of course, Björnsson couldn’t fit in the assigned truck and had to take a different vehicle (and course)!

Athletes were forced to get outside of their box during the Buttery Games

“The most fun event was the 400-meter relay. Seeing all the strongmen warm up and hit 200 meters at maximum effort was a sight to see!” Medeiros tells M&F. “I think the best part of the Buttery Games was seeing the competitiveness of all the athletes, even though most of the events were so outside of the box.”

For Part 2, the theme was “Skills” and included an American Ninja-esque obstacle course with 10 stations such as the balance steps, rings, and the seriously tough salmon ladder; where the competitor must grab the bar and lift it themselves up several rungs by using a pullup technique to increase their height and secure the bar on the next rung. “I had a lot of fun doing many of the events especially the ninja course and the Basketball event,” shares Hafthor Björnsson.

Where and When to Watch the Finals

With the third and final part premiering on YouTube on Jan. 19, both the viewers and athletes alike have relished the concept of these stars competing in different styles, outside of their comfort zones. “What event hurt the most?” All of them!” laughs Björnsson. “All jokes aside, probably the CrossFit workout (CrossFit Metcon) was the toughest. I believe I went too hard on the Concept rower and absolutely destroyed myself before doing the burpees! The overall experience was really great, I had a lot of fun!”

Of course, behind the competitiveness and desire to win is a love of pushing the limits to the extreme, and for that, no matter the outcome in the final round, all of these participants are winners. “Being able to be around athletes of such high-caliber from all different aspects of fitness was so cool,” says Medeiros. “I definitely got to meet some of my childhood heroes.”

It sounds like a group hug will be in order after all the Buttery insanity is said and done!


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