Want to Improve Your Performance? Stop Obsessing Over Your Weaknesses

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Want to Improve Your Performance? Stop Obsessing Over Your Weaknesses

duncan simpson img academy director of personal development
IMG Academy

Duncan Simpson, Ph.D, CMPC is a sports psychologist and the director of personal development at IMG Academy — a boarding school and sports training institute located in Bradenton, Florida. The school was founded in 1978 and has become known for being one of the world’s leading institutions for the development of athletes.

Listen to the interview with Dr. Simpson:

Want more proof? Here are some of IMG stats:

  • 1,400+ DI placements since 2011
  • 153 DI placements from 2021 graduates and post-graduates
  • Top-25 national ranking for lacrosse every year since 2015
  • 17 students and alumni selected in the MLB Draft since 2019
  • 12 alumni on NFL rosters to start the 2021 season
  • 11 alumni in the 2020 Summer Olympics

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In short, it’s a sports doc and mental health professional who works with athletes to help them gain mental strength and stability to achieve their full potential in their respective sport. Whether that’s through mental training and visualization techniques, or strategies to improve focus and concentration, stress-management techniques, or addressing personal and interpersonal issues that may impact performance, the idea is to work with the athlete to build confidence and a positive mindset.

Dr. Simpson, at IMG Academy, oversees two departments and works with student life, school sport, and APD staff to ensure the best experience for 1400 student-athletes. Using both qualitative and quantitative assessments to create a profile for each individual, Dr. Simpson and his team aim to support each athlete to develop confidence, resilience, motivation, focus, as well as other attributes that will be beneficial for their performance.

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