Miha Body Tech EMS: A Game-Changer in your fitness journey

An Interview with Nolan Lee

Co-founder of balanced Flow Wellness


In a recent interview, Dr. Nolan Lee shared his client’s transformative journey with EMS training, particularly through Miha Body Tech.

In this post, we tried to shed light on the incredible impact of EMS and Miha Body Tech on individual fitness journeys. EMS training is not just a passing trend but a transformative approach to fitness and well-being, poised to shape the future of fitness.


The WOW Experience

Dr. Nolan Lee described his initial encounter with EMS and Miha Body Tech as nothing short of a “wow experience.” After trying various workouts and exercise routines, they had yet to find something that truly resonated with them. 


EMS is a full-body muscle engagement workout whichelping you feel every muscle working during the sessions. The immediate impact of the training leaves your workout partner awestruck. Dr. Nolan recalled that even before he exited the door of the studio, he had already made up his minds to invest in this transformative approach.


Bringing EMS into Their Practice

With the “wow experience” fresh in their client’s minds, Dr.Nolan decided to introduce EMS training into his practice, recognizing the potential benefits it could offer to their clients. He also shared how he had tried numerous workouts and exercises over the years, and EMS was unlike anything he had ever encountered.


The Results Speak for Themselves

The introduction of EMS training into their practice yielded remarkable results. Clients embraced this innovative approach with enthusiasm. They explained how it had been a game-changer for them personally, particularly because of their busy schedule as a business owner and a parent.

“Twenty minutes of work a week is all I need,” they stated. It was a convenient solution to maintain their fitness goals amidst their packed schedule. Moreover, they highlighted the positive outcomes of EMS training, emphasizing how it helps individuals gain muscle mass efficiently.


Transformations Beyond Expectations

A success story of a client who had experienced a significant transformation. Through a combination of hormone therapy and EMS training, this client lost four pounds of fat and gained four pounds of muscle in just two months. The emotional impact of this transformation on the client was palpable. It was a powerful testament to the potential of EMS training to change lives.


Addressing Skepticism

Based on Dr. Nolan Lee some individuals might be skeptical about the benefits of EMS training. To address these concerns, he highlighted how EMS training can serve as a standalone workout. He spoke from personal experience, assuring skeptics that 20 minutes of weekly EMS training can effectively replace traditional workouts.

They emphasized the importance of muscle maintenance, especially as one ages, and how EMS can be a safe and efficient way to achieve this without the risks associated with traditional weightlifting.


Accessibility and Broad Appeal


Finally, Dr.Nolan underscored the accessibility and broad appeal of EMS training. EMS workout is a therapy that can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. They shared stories of individuals from various backgrounds, including seniors and mothers, experiencing unexpected benefits like increased strength and improved mobility.

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