UFC and Project Rock Team Up For BSR 3 Shoe Collaboration

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UFC and Project Rock Team Up For BSR 3 Shoe Collaboration

Dwayne Johnson’s “Project Rock” became an official partner of the UFC in 2022, and are today launching a shiny new dual-branded BSR 3 training shoe. Designed with impact absorbing cushioning that works to dampen explosive impact, these shoes are built to power you from the ground up. M&F takes a closer look.

The “Project Rock x UFC BSR 3” is a unisex training shoe that aims to provide comfort in a variety of sporting activities. Particular focus is placed on forefoot flexibility and while the shoe itself weighs-in at 11 oz, Under Armour’s patented UA TriBase technology will make this footwear feel light-weight, by maximizing ground contact and providing a natural motion when you need it most. The brands’ popular Charged Cushioning® midsole also absorbs impact and converts the returning energy into a responsive burst.

“We’re proud to engineer innovative training shoes worn and inspired by the MMA warriors who compete in the greatest sport in the world,” said Johnson in an accompanying press release.

The Rock and BSR 3 Shoe Collaboration
Project Rock

How do the Project Rock x UFC edition training shoes look?

As the official footwear of the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand, these bespoke BSR 3’s adopt the MMA powerhouse’s black, red, and white color scheme. They proudly feature a white UFC logo ribbon attached to the tong and the shoe itself combines red, black, and gray, making a strong statement. On the site of the shoe is The Rock’s mantra; “Blood, Sweat, Respect,” and BSR decals are positioned on the back and sole of the shoe. We think they look the business!

The men’s and women’s ( https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/p/project_rock_collection/womens_project_rock_x_ufc_edition_bsr_3_training_shoes/196883010004.html?dwvar_196883010004_color=004&start=0 ) version of the shoe is identical, available in unisex sizing.

Which activities are the Project Rock x UFC BSR 3’s suitable for?

The full rubber sole of the BSR 3’s give them an elevated level of traction and durability, making them ideal for training disciplines that require stability without compromising on flexibility. Whether you are rolling around on the mat, running on a treadmill, or looking for PR’s in CrossFit, the BSR 3 has a lot to offer. They even perform well underfoot during weight lifting movements such as squats and deadlifts and cope well with weights in the region of 400 pounds. If you lift heavier, or need some additional stretch, the Project Rock 5 training show may be another great option when you are due an upgrade.

“The values and foundation of Project Rock, they’re so aligned with the values and the foundations of UFC, and of the fighters,” says Johnson. “I always like to say ‘I am the hardest worker in the room’ but the truth is, we are all the hardest workers in the room.”

Conveniently, as is becoming a welcome trend with gym shoes, the BSR 3’s are versatile enough to be worn as part of your daily grind, so they are ideal for work and play. The BSR 3 also features an updated upper construction, including a bootie-style fit made up of lightweight mesh. This provides a sock-like grip for a snug feel without the fit being too tight. Simply put, most athletes should get a kick out of using the BSR 3’s, especially since they sit at the budget end of the Project Rock range, retailing at just $100 (the PR5’s that will set you back $150).

Verdict: A must for fans of UFC and The Rock, and anyone who is looking for a solid piece of everyday training footwear. Available now via Under Armour.


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