Two IFBB Bikini Pros Show You How to Build Olympia Caliber Legs and Glutes

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Two IFBB Bikini Pros Show You How to Build Olympia Caliber Legs and Glutes

If you want to be your best, it would be wise to learn from the best. That’s why it would be a good idea to watch this episode of Femme Flex Friday if you need to improve your legs and glutes. 2020 Bikini Olympia Champion Janet Layug and IFBB Bikini Pro Daraja Hill shared some secrets that have helped them reach the biggest stage in the sport – the Olympia.

Layug started off by explaining the importance of focusing on quadriceps development, then she demonstrated how she applied that mindset to a basic machine movement – the leg press.

“I like to have my stance a little more narrow,” said Layug. “When you have them in the middle and with a narrow stance, you’ll focus more on the quads and the legs.” She went on to share how she focuses on pushing more with the top half of her feet than the heels.

Then, it was Hill’s turn. Over her career, she noticed the quads grew easier than the glutes. So, she had to find ways to activate the glutes with minimal quads and hamstring involvement. One way she does that is with the basic barbell hip thruster, and she shared a similar point that Layug mentioned earlier in the show.

“Foot placement is very important,” she said. “I drive through the heels, get a full lockout at the top, and squeezing the glutes.”

Hill and Layug both also added variations of a squat to their routines. Layug opted for the goblet squat while Hill advocated for the hack squat machine. Whether you need to work on the quads, glutes, or both, squat variations are a must.

To see and learn more about how these Bikini Olympians train, check out the full episode of FFF over at the Olympia TV YouTube channel. While you’re there, subscribe so you can see new episodes every Friday as well as other great shows such as Prime Time Muscle.

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