Mother’s Day Gifts For The Fit and Health-Loving Mom in Your Life

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Mother’s Day Gifts For The Fit and Health-Loving Mom in Your Life

The day we celebrate mothers all over the globe is right around the corner which means shopping for her perfect gift is at the top of your ‘to-do’ list.

For the mothers who put not only their families first but also make health and fitness a top priority in their busy schedules, these gifts will show her just how much you care.

With that, if you’re still unsure of what to gift her, look no further! From top-of-the-line air purifiers to delicious avocado toppings, take your time and snag a gift that will tug at her heart!

Huracan sneaker copy

MBT Huracan-3000 in Rose Smoke

For the mom who loves to train and run, this shoe does it all. Equipped with a level three rock which generates an increased level of rock to provide extra cushioning and maximum muscle activation, Mom’s feet will feel supported and less fatigued after a long sweat session.

Purchase: $219.95 at

Christy Sports Performance Bike Backpack

Christy Sports Bike Pack

If Mom loves to hop on her bike and go for long rides, gift her the ultimate bike pack. The 12-liter pack is perfect for an adventurous day on the trail while providing the perfect place for water, snacks, and a safety kit.

Purchase: $140 at

Cabeau Neck Pillow

Cabeau Travel Neck Pillow

The perfect gift for the traveling mom. The newest neck pillow from Cabeau eliminates the bobblehead problems of a too-small neck pillow — her neck will stay straight and supported without falling forward.

Purchase: $49.99 at

Kira Stokes Jump Rope

Kira Stokes Fitness Products

Everything you need for your at-home training sessions is here! From resistance bands to a balance block, and cute attire to match, give your mom the gift of training wherever she wants this year!

Purchase: $11.99 and up at    

Just Spices copy

Just Spices- Avocado Topper

This Avocado Topping will take Mom’s avocado toast to the next level. With a natural blend of black sesame, mild chili, and crunchy salt crystals, you can give plump and green avocados a new layer of taste.

Purchase: $6.99 at

Purchase: $3.99/bar at


Clorox air Purifier copy


Clorox Air Purifier

Let’s face it: allergy season seems to just get worse every year. If Mom is already dealing with pollen problems, especially after a long run, this unit is going to make her life a whole lot better.

Purchase: $99.99 at

FULwater variety pack

FULwater – Detox spirulina water

While the taste of pure Spirulina can be hard to swallow, FULwater’s deliciously refreshing three flavors include natural ingredients to mask the typical algae flavor, and provide the body with protein, vitamins A, C, E, K, beta-carotene and B-complex, Calcium, and B-12 for energy.

Purchase: $23 at

Bionic Body Protein Powder copy

Healthy ‘N’ Fit Bionic Body Protein Powder

Created by a mom and athlete who knows how to give ladies the added edge to keep up with all of life’s demands, stay strong, and lose body fat. With vegan-sourced BCAA Trio (L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine), Bionic Body Protein has a higher concentration of BCAAs than whey protein. The added fiber supports the microbiome and digestive enzymes to enhance the body’s ability to utilize nutrients while the ultra-fine texture mixes easily with no clumps and is perfect for adding to muffins or oatmeal.

Purchase: $34.98 at

Oura Ring


Oura Ring

Small, stylish, and mighty this ring monitors sleep, heart rate, activity, recovery, stress, and more taking the guesswork out of what’s going on inside the body while supporting better overall health.

Purchase: $299 at

Allbirds sneaker

Allbirds Tree Runners

Walk, run, or just relax in these lightweight and supportive sneakers made with eucalyptus fiber. The cushioned midsole provides all-day support and the machine-washable material makes for an easy cleanup.

Purchase: $105 at


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