Chase DeMoor Shows You How to Make Gains in Both Fitness and Romance

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Chase DeMoor Shows You How to Make Gains in Both Fitness and Romance

Chase DeMoor is juggling his career as an athlete with the surreal life of a Netflix dating reality star, so understandably, it’s taken a bit of trial and error for the 26-year-old to develop himself into a potentially great life partner.

Eager to find out how the former football player is now navigating life and love as a reality star. Muscle & Fitness caught up with Chase DeMoor in South Africa, where he is currently in the midst of boxing camp, to figure out where it all went so right.

First capturing viewers’ attention in 2021 as part Netflix’s dating show, “Too Hot to Handle,” (Season 2) in which horny hardbodies must refrain from any type of sexual affection in order to take home the show’s prize money, Chase DeMoor was instantly memorable as the muscular 6’4’’, 250-pound brickhouse with a  tendency to throw up a brick wall rather than listen to his on-off romantic partner, Carly Lawrence due to an inability to share his feelings.

Still, as the show progressed, it became clear that DeMoor, who played in both the USFL and Spring League, (his team, the Houston Linemen won last season’s Mega Bowl), was just as willing to work on his romantic entanglements as his on-field tackles. And, while his partnership with Lawrence didn’t last, and he failed to be chosen as a finalist on that show, DeMoor would have made for a deserving runner-up thanks to the lessons he took on board during the process.

Now, Chase DeMoor is getting a second shot at romance as part of the Netflix’s new series “The Perfect Match,” set to premiere on Valentine’s Day.

“The concept is, that they’ve basically taken all the fan favorites from all the biggest reality shows, with the biggest personalities, to basically build like an ‘Avengers’ of Netflix,” explains DeMoor, who says that “The Perfect Match” is part “Love Island” and part “The Challenge.” “You get to see a lot of emotion,” he promises.

Reality star Chase DeMoor punching a heavy bag for his boxing training
Charles DeMoore

Chase DeMoor is Chasing Success in a Big Way

Viewers of “The Perfect Match” will also be shocked when they see the physical transformation that DeMoor has made since the show wrapped filming. With a football contract to chase, and a fledgling boxing career underway, he’s looking ripped and ready to go.

“With football, it was more about putting on as much weight as you can to go against guys that are also much bigger and stronger,” says DeMoor. “Boxing is more, you know trim… through cardio, I’m much more on top of my diet. I think that diet is the key to boxing. Being on top of my nutrition has been peak. My cardio has been peak. And then there’s training three or four hours each day with boxing.” DeMoor is currently being trained by the famed Jack Rabbit Boxing Academy and is focused on gaining his first victory after scoring a draw in an exhibition match and losing his last bout. Adjusting to life has a boxer has been one of the biggest challenges of his life.

“I got offered by first fight, and basically I needed to lose 30 pounds in 30 days,” laughs DeMoor. “[The transformation] happened so fast that it’s like, people are like ‘this isn’t the same person!’ The secret is lifestyle changes. You go from eating a bag of chips to eating a bag of carrots or instead of drinking regular soda, you and get the diet (version), and reducing your alcohol intake.”

While DeMoor is forced to remain tight-lipped about what will happen in “The Perfect Match,” and won’t be drawn in on his current romantic status, one thing is for sure: This will be a romance-free Valentine’s Day for the star, since he is hauled up in training camp ahead of his next boxing match on April 26. But, when he is finally able to sew his wild oats once again, DeMoor is likely to use some of the lessons he learned through his status as a serial Netflix dating pro:

DeMoor’s Dating Lesson 1: Share your emotions

“It was something that I’m really working on,” says DeMoor. “Being lovey and touchy is not one of my love languages, that’s kind of like how I grew up. It takes a while for me to open up to somebody and I’m working on it more every day.”

DeMoor’s Dating Lesson 2: Listen to your partner

“I think it’s super important,” says the big man. “We talk about communication a lot but I don’t think people really understand what that means. Hearing and listening are two different things.”

Still, even with those lessons learned or at least being worked on, any hopes of DeMoor settling down and spending a little more time around the house may be a little premature. Aside from boxing, and being called back to the beach for whatever Netflix project comes next, DeMoor is still looking to further his football career as one of his major priorities, and has recently been linked with the XFL. “I got drafted to the USFL last year,” he says. “I was one of the preliminary people for the XFL, and was kind of bounding around looking for another NFL opportunity. Last weekend I worked out with the CFL. I’m currently sitting as a free agent right now. It’s not a matter of if I sign, it’s more when. I’m expecting to sign in the next couple of weeks.”

Get in line, ladies.


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