5 Reasons to step out with Reebok’s Nano X3 training shoe

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5 Reasons to step out with Reebok’s Nano X3 training shoe

Reebok have released the third instalment of its popular Nano training shoe and are keen to keep a toe hold on their claim to be the “Official Shoe of Fitness.” As big fans of previous Nano models, we took a closer look at this new fitness offering, and found five reasons that make a great case for sticking with this trilogy.

Nano x3 laces

1. Lift and Run (L.A.R.) Chassis System

Reebok have always wanted their Nano training shoes to be suitable for the gym or the track, and with CrossFit champions like Rich Froning lending his name to the franchise, you know that the Nano X3 would need to deliver once again. Reebok have, in fact, taken things a step further with the shoes new “Lift and Run” chassis system, placed in the midsole. The L.A.R. is one of the biggest innovations in the Nano X3, and has the aim of providing added support across all training demands, including lifting, running, and jumping. We observed that the responsiveness of this new chassis system aided reactions when undertaking moves that require agility such as box jumps, or running around in different directions.

2. ROPEPRO+ Outsole with Brand New Tread Pattern

Since the Nano’s X3s are expected to be your new perfect training partner, they will need to be as tough as old boots. The ROPEPRO+ outsole has edges built-in to secure your grip when you need it most, such as scaling a rope or running on tricky terrain. ROPEPRO+ has now been updated for more reliability since the X2, and is now complemented with a new signature Reebok training pattern that looks swish, but has also been designed to withstand wear and tear too.

Reebok nano sole

3. Updated Heel

The Nano’s are renowned for being light yet remaining strong and durable, while also being surprisingly comfortable. Part of this success has always been owed to the Nano’s heel, and it’s had another upgrade in this third instalment. An updated dome TPU in the heel has been developed to harden under heavy loads in order to provide balance for tasks such as weight lifting. The heel then softens when not under heavy strain. The dome is also surrounded by Floatride Energy Foam for extra responsiveness and cushioning, and is connected to the TPU plate; providing added lateral and torsional support. You should discover better forefront propulsion with the X3.

4. A Step in the Right Direction

The NanoX3 is part of Reebok’s “[REE]CYCLED” range, and is made up from a minimum of 30% recycled upper materials. So, you can help take care of the planet while taking care of yourself.

5. Added quality Feel

The outer toe area does look and feel more rigid though, replacing the softer knit construction of the previous model, but the X3 still feels flexible enough to take you where you need to be. If you like things a little looser, and are concerned about a snugger fit, you will be reassured to know that the X3’s require little breaking-in time.

“As the training needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts continues to evolve, the Nano evolves with them,” comments Tal Short, Senior Product Manager at Reebok. “The Nano X3 is the most dialled in Nano yet with a focus on comfort and support while offering a fresh new look and feel. However and wherever you’re working out, the Nano X3 will give you the confidence to succeed.”

The Nano X3 is out now with a vast number of colorways and is currently available at Reebok.com at a price-point of $110.

The Verdict: Heavy deadlifts and squats appeared to pose no issue for the Nano X3’s, nor did agility work. Yes, it is fair to say that in terms of aesthetics, the X3 doesn’t shift dramatically away from the X2 in terms of looks, but that’s no bad thing. The entire build of the shoe is definitely sturdier though, and the upgraded ROPEPRO+ should provide climbing fans with a grippier experience, but this overall added sturdiness only serves to give the Nano X3’s a higher quality fit.

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